01/2021 – Construction begins on Sonnenberg Solar Park in Mecklenburg-Western Pomerania

In January 2021, construction work has begun on our solar park, located on a former landfill site near Pasewalk. Initially, the first two subprojects (1.5 MWp in total) are to be commissioned in the 2nd quarter of 2021. Solar modules from the manufacturer, Phono Solar, and inverters from the manufacturer, Huawei, will be used. Since the surface of the landfill allows only shallow penetration depths, a special screw system from the manufacturer, Jurchen, will be used as a substructure. The electricity produced in the two subprojects will be fed into the public grid of E.DIS AG. The subprojects remain in the portfolio of EEPRo GmbH and are debt financed by a Lower Bavarian savings bank. The investment volume amounts to approximately EUR 1 million.

An extenstion of this free-field plant is currently in planning, whereby a remuneration of the electricity generated outside of the EEG remuneration system will be taken into account.

09/2020 – Roof system in Zehlendorf goes into operation

On the roofs of a fattening farm in Zehlendorf, Brandenburg, EEPro has put a solar plant with 495 kWp into operation. The electricity generated is fed into the e.dis grid. Solar modules from the manufacturers Phono and Jinko were used. The inverters were supplied by Huawei and the subframes by K2. A common utilization concept was used for the implementation, according to which EEPro committed itself to the renovation of the roof cladding. The system was incorporated into EEPro’s own inventory.

08/2020 – EEPro develops 8.3 MWp open space portfolio in Spain

EEPro has started the development of a ground-mounted portfolio consisting of three sub-systems with a total capacity of 8.3 MWp near Alicante, Spain. The project plots are located in close proximity to each other and will feed into separate medium voltage connection points. The portfolio is expected to be ready for construction in 2021.

07/2020 – EEPro starts project developments in Romania

EEPro secures large project areas along high voltage lines in Romania. Both the good irradiation values, the high electricity trading prices and the now approved PPA market give hope that a subsidy-free solar market can develop in Romania as well. EEPro is able to draw on extensive experience and an excellent network, which it was able to build up due to its existing “Tartasesti” project near Bucharest, with a capacity of 4 MWp.