Highest possible power yield through continuous maintenance


Control you can rely on

EEPro provides comprehensive monitoring and service for both self-constructed and third-party plants.

Our qualified employees use online monitoring software to keep a permanent eye on the functionality of the plant. If failures or malfunctions occur, we immediately initiate countermeasures and repairs. To ensure that any faults are detected at an early stage, our service employees check the system at regular maintenance intervals to ensure that it is functioning properly. Moreover, other ongoing measures such as cleaning and green maintenance are also part of our service offer.

We also offer comprehensive commercial services so that, not only will everything run smoothly from a technical point of view, but also you need not worry about the organization and administration of your plant. For example, we check the proper billing of your electricity feed-in, monitor compliance with project contracts, handle warranty claims and coordinate with your tax advisor.

Our goal - to ensure the highest possible electricity yield for you.