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Villalba Solar Farm / Sicily

Villalba Solar Farm / Sicily

Peak output 5 MW

Year of construction 2011


Pictures from the construction siteThe first Italian EEPro PV project is situated in one of the best regions in terms of solar radiation. The total capacity of around 5 MW peak at a solar radiation of approx. 1,550 kWh per year guarantees investors maximum yields. Construction work in the region of Caltanisetta started in October and is expected to be finished in late 2011 to ensure that investors can still profit from the high feed-in compensation over the next twenty years.

Pictures from construction phase to completion

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  • Start of ramming
  • Digging of an cable trench
  • Top units are already mounted on the ram posts
  • Delivery of material
  • Cabling in the soil
  • Building the mounting construction
  • Building the mounting construction
  • Delivery of the solar modules
  • An inverter with the transformer station
  • During the installation of the modules
  • Panoramic image 1
  • Panoramic image 2
  • Aerial image

More information about Vilalba Solar Farm

Due to its position in the mainland of Sicily, clouds or corrosion caused by seawater atmosphere are not expected either. Talks with investors are currently already underway, as the yields attainable make the project exceedingly attractive.

On account of the hilly terrain typical of Sicily, we used small central inverters with a rated output of around 800 kW. Their lighter weight also made it easier to transport the facility to the challenging terrain. The photovoltaic modules are supplied by our proven Chinese partners, the substructure is formed by an insertion system provided by Schletter GmbH.

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