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Teriakovce Solar Farm

Teriakovce Solar Farm

Peak output 1,066 kW

Year of construction 2011


Teriakovce Solar Farm was hooked up to the grid in mid-2011. Peak output is 1,066 kW. This is due to the Slovakian Renewable Energies Act that only allowed plants up to 1 MW. The funding of free-standing (ground-mounted) facilities of similar size has meanwhile been discontinued altogether.

Pictures from construction phase to completion

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  • First inspection on site
  • The estate before start of work
  • Building the mounting construction
  • Cabling in the soil
  • Mounting cables at the mounting construction
  • Slope: 30°
  • Completed mounting construction
  • Megawatt-Station before connection
  • Installing the solar modules
  • Delivery of the modules
  • View in north direction inside of the plant
  • During the installation of the modules
  • Clean-up operations
  • Ready-made module rows
  • Mounting construction and the Megawatt-Station
  • 3 of 18 string combiner boxes
  • Communication electronics inside of an inverter
  • The interior of a string combiner box
  • The plant is in operation
  • Aerial image 1
  • Aerial image 2
  • Aerial image 3

More information about Teriakovce Solar Farm

The solar farm situated in the utmost northeast of Slovakia is at the centre of a restricted military area. In the immediate vicinity of our plant there is a shooting range for small arms belonging to the Slovakian army which has the same access road as the solar farm. The access road is guarded around the clock, which guarantees the highest level of security for our systems.

We have additionally installed an online video surveillance system with infrared cameras and intelligent software at the request of our insurance company. This system is directly linked to the local police station which can respond and be on site immediately in case of emergency.

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