Core Competencies

Organisation and Planning of solar projects. EEPro will organise and plan all the necessary steps for you: from site survey to the finished 3D model.

Organisation & Planning

From site survey to the finished 3D model

Planning that pays

All EEPro GmbH projects are based on detailed planning. Our starting point is the preliminary design which forms the basis for all further procedures. An assessment is conducted at the project site by the respective project consultants. Using geographical data, surveying and contour lines, the strengths and weaknesses are determined, and a yield assessment is obtained from a recognised institution. This is followed by step two - electrical planning which is performed with state-of-the-art CAD software. Having acquired all the necessary data, expert staff will create a 3D view of the project site, including a layout plan. To be able to rule out any potential yield loss right from the start, we pay particular attention to making sure that no part of your solar farm is ever in the shade.

Our utmost care serves a single goal - to optimise your plant in view of minimum material use and maximum profit.