Core Competencies

Know-how for perfect implementation of your solar project. We take care of all the necessary jobs – from the choice of sub-contractors to the successful final acceptance procedure.

Construction & Implementation

Use our experience to achieve supreme quality.

Know-how for perfect implementation

On completion of planning, the project moves on to the critical construction phase. EEPro will create a detailed logistics plan and a schedule for each construction stage.

When awarding necessary construction work, we make an effort to strengthen the regional economy by including local businesses and workers. Thanks to our global experience, we are able to assure sub-contractors you can rely on. In addition, consistent quality assurance measures are taken by the project managers to avoid operational delays, thus ensuring that all the different facilities can be properly accepted in the end.

The subsequent plant commissioning is carried out by EEPro GmbH's technical team as well as by qualified project partners. EEPro takes care of all the necessary steps, from the initial planning phase all the way to that sunny day your solar farm goes into operation.

Our experience ensures the highest level of quality in the construction of your plant.

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