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An investment with strong growth and high rates of return

EEPro for Investors

An investment with strong growth and high rates of return

For Institutional Investors

For forward-looking and responsible investors, renewable energies offer a promising, growing market. Investing in climate-friendly solar energy is distinguished by high rates of return. We make it easy for you to get started - ensuring high efficiency.

It is the goal of the EU to increase the share of renewable energies in the overall mix of generated energies on a continuous basis. For this purpose, the German government adopted the Erneuerbare-Energien-Gesetz (Renewable Energies Act, EEG), and is planning to increase the share of renewable energies in electricity supply to at least 30% by 2020.

By granting government subsidies for photovoltaic plants, many states all over the world are supporting this energy turnaround, guaranteeing attractive rates of return at a comparatively low risk. Thanks to state-guaranteed compensation for electricity fed into the grid, various financing and depreciation options and further subsidies, investing in solar energy offers capital gains between 7 and 20%. Due to our longstanding international orientation, we implement projects in countries which make your investment even more financially rewarding than you would expect.
The spectrum of investors relying on this ecologically worthwhile concept offered by EEPro ranges from major institutional investors (insurance groups, energy companies, family offices) to top athletes and private individuals. Even paying into a public fund is a possible investment strategy.

In this respect, the minimum investment sum may be anywhere from several tens of thousands of euros to several hundreds of thousands of euros, depending on the size of the plant.

An investment that always pays - after all, the sun yearly delivers 10,000 times the amount of energy consumed all over the world.